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Last summer, following the murders of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor, protestors around the world took to the streets to demand transformational change from elected officials, corporate leaders, and others who uphold systems of white supremacy, anti-Black racism, and violence. Now, nearly one year later, Color Of Change is bringing together families, activists, community members, and thought leaders to celebrate progress in the fight for racial justice and to plan the work ahead.

Monday May 24th: Honor Their Lives

Tuesday May 25th: Reimagine Public Safety

Wednesday May 26th: Hold Corporations Accountable

Thursday May 27th: Celebrate Black Joy

Friday May 28th: Commit to Keep Fighting

The 2020 racial justice uprisings ignited a national movement for racial justice in response to the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery by the police. Across the country, communities demanded police accountability and racial justice in the criminal justice system from decision makers — elected officials to prosecutors. To honor these uprisings and continue the work Color Of Change is running a week of action for racial justice. Monday, May 24th will be dedicated to honoring the lives of the families who have lost loved ones to police violence. Their advocacy and voices in this fight continue to drive us forward to change a system’s targets and jeopardize Black lives. We are all in this together. Today is a moment to celebrate, remember, and uplift the families, community members, and organizations that continue to keep the pressure on for accountability and justice.

Last year, when the racial justice uprisings were at their height, a national debate was sparked around a demand to “divest from police.” A year later, we need to take a deeper look at what investing in community and public safety should look like in Black and Brown communities. We have police departments across the country that should be investigated by the Justice Department for their daily practices of murder, harassment, abuse, and police brutality. Meanwhile our public schools, health systems, public services and alternative safety models are vastly underfunded and continue to be defunded year after year. We need to demand legislators, policymakers, and prosecutors to use their  power to create real solutions that will protect our communities.

Last year, corporations made Black lives matter statements and pledged to support anti-racist efforts on the ground and in their own business structures in the wake of the racial justice uprisings. One year later and we need more than rhetoric, we need action. The same companies that sent out heartfelt messages of solidarity with Black people, continue to uphold harmful practices that contradict their own public commitments by continuing to hurt Black people. Tech corporations like Google have suppressed content related to the movement for racial justice by blocking advertisers from targeting videos with terms like “Black lives matter;” yet there was no problem with terms like “white lives matter” or “white power.” Standing with Black communities does not end with a press release; we need to verify tech platforms are operating equitably, jobs programs in Black cities, actual living wages for workers, and a reallocation of financial support to Black media from the platforms that continue to jeopardize our communities’ safety for the sake of profit. It’s time these corporations keep up with their promises and go beyond the statement.

No progressive change happens in America without the energy, joy and power of Black people. In order to build a sustainable movement, we see communities across the country focusing on music, art, self care practises and other forms of rejuvenation that allow us to recenter, recharge and recommit to the long fight ahead. Sometimes, joy itself can be the form of resistance! Join us to celebrate, restore our energy, protect our peace, and reframe what activism looks like in our community.

The past year was a journey rooted in racial equity, justice, and change. The strides we’ve made have impacted communities around the country, and for generations to come. For the first time, racial justice has become a majoritarian issue --- from protests, to the ballot boxes, and every level of society from Hollywood to Silicon Valley and the halls of Congress. These strides are a culmination of the momentum created by the organizers and movement leaders that fought long before us and serve as a foundation for our fight today. But that fight is far from over. It will take more than one year to eradicate systemic issues and bring about a world that prioritizes the safety and preservation of Black lives. We cannot slow our pace. The world we envision for our communities’ requires a commitment to continue reimagining our institutions, holding those in power accountable, and always uplifting Black joy. The movement we support will not stop until, in the most widespread and transformative ways, justice is real.

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