#BeyondTheStatement: Tech Accountability Panel

Wednesday , 3pm est

Last year, tech companies made statements in solidarity with Black people and supported the fight for racial justice, yet their practices undermine their pledges and continue harm Black people on their platforms. Arisha Hatch, Vice President and Chief of Campaigns at Color Of Change, sat down with Aerica Shimizu Banks and Bärí A. Williams, two of the leading voices for racial equity, inclusion and accountability in Big Tech. Both former employees of major tech corporations, Aerica and Bärí discuss their experiences as Black women in the industry, how Big Tech has fallen short, and how to take action to ensure Google and all other Big Tech corporations conduct racial equity audits.


Hosts & Panelists

Arisha Hatch, VP of campaigns, @arishaHatch
Bärí A. Williams, Esquire, Tech Executive and Diversity Activist, @BariAWilliams
Aerica Shimizu Banks, Co-Founder of BEACON & Inclusion Innovator, @Erikashimizu”